The Brilliance of All Gas No Brakes

Big Technology, 2020-08-13

Just a short reflection on life based on the content from Andrew Callaghan’s YouTube show All Gas No Brakes, enjoy.

Disclaimer: the article describes US realities, but I’m sure the trend is true for lots of other countries, too.

People on the Fringes

  • Examples: flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists, people believing in magic, etc.

  • Traditional institutions the once provided purpose and kinship are failing, and the fringe is filling the void.

  • People want brotherhood at all costs, out of emptiness.

  • Pew Research: religion, relationships with friends and family and work are the primary sources of meaning. All three are in decline now.

  • Work transformed into gig economy, belonging disappears, religion is in decline.

  • Fringe communities provide a sense of purpose and community – something traditional institutions fail at.

Is Facebook to Blame?

  • An easy target, but no. Social media simply amplify the pre-existing conditions.

  • One of the underlying factors is the loss of meaning.

  • [MK: the loss of meaning is by far not a new phenomenon. There’s a famous 1980 book - yes, 40 years old – “Burn-Out: The High Cost of Achievement”, which lists the abovementioned issues in a slightly different way. Actually, here’s its review.]

P.S. If you need mental help, please talk to medical professionals or organisations like Beyond Blue [Australia] or its equivalent in your country.