Still and Stuck: What’s The One Big Thing Covid-19 Challenged Your Thinking On?

Web In Travel, 2020-08-21

[MK: my friends from the travel industry waste no time explaining the inconvenience of the current zoom-focused work interactions. Always nice to have proof that I’m not alone]

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Typical Complaints

  • The initial enthusiasm of remote work gave way to burnout and dim eyes.

  • Webinars are draining [MK: and anything longer than 45 minutes kills attention span].

  • Sitting in front of a screen isn’t replacement of the CEO’s job who needs to go out and meet people. [MK: personality is almost killed across the webcam.]

  • Video conferencing is OK about maintaining business relationships but may not be the right tool to establish them.

(Very) Unexpected Challenges

  • Things can’t get any worse —> oh yes they can.

  • Iron Curtain is a thing in the past —> try leaving your country or visit another one.

  • Corporate stuff needs a bunch of smart people packed in one room —> not really.

  • What should my investment decisions be because of this unprecedented financial bubble?

  • [MK: the nature of competition is changing with old advantage eroding and a new one quietly simmering, only to be evident when it’s too late.]

  • Going wide (product diversification) is not the answer for all businesses. Going deeper may as well be the right strategy. [MK: I’m personally tired of the meaningless “transformation” stories of the retail world being approximated to the rest of the e-commerce.]

Maybe, just maybe, we’re going to value human relationships more after the dust settles.