If Life Feels Bleak, It’s Because Our Civilization is Beginning to Collapse

Eudaimonia, 2020-07-04

The article is quite alarmist, but worth thinking about.

The End of Civilization

  • Made of: climate change, mass extinction, ecological collapse, economic depressions, financial implosions, political upheavals, pandemics, plagues, floods, fires, social breakdowns.

  • COVID is just a sneak peak of life falling apart.

  • COVID killed a sense of normality, which, in turn, escalated downfalls of countries on a downward slope.

  • The world is tearing apart, country vs country, human vs human.

  • ise of nationalistic and authoritarian regimes as a result.

  • COVID: the core systems (financial, pension, social, economic, healthcare) are still intact, which is good. But for how long?

Scary Forecasts (Believe Them at Your Own Risk)

2030s – fires and floods

  • Due to climate change the core systems will stop functioning. Life will be paralysed.

  • Megafires (as witnessed in California, Australia in 2019) will be a normality. Unmanageable loss of life and property (also essential buildings and land).

  • Areas prone to flooding and fires will be abandoned —> economic loss.

o   Impact of mass fleeing: pressure on insurance (or lack thereof), healthcare, employment, energy grids, etc.

  • The Climate Depression of 2030s. Large chunks of population have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. No jobs, no demand —> no economic activity.

2040s – mass extinction of species

  • Ecological catastrophe, chains of life breaking apart.

o   Soil —> not arable.

o   Water (rivers, ponds) —> muddy

o   Forests (without insects) —> dying.

  • Effects: scarce food supplies, clean water becomes luxury, raw materials become inaccessible.

  • Much higher proportion of income will go towards basic needs.

  • Mass poverty.

  • Hard to save and nothing to invest in.

2050s – final goodbye

  • Ecosystems irreversibly fail (forests, rivers, oceans)

  • Massive scarcity of resources, failure of economic and pricing systems.

  • Money is useless forever.

  • Nations fall apart, wars for resources, nationalism and tribalism


  • COVID is an early warning that we need to invest in things that will keep the civilization going, including preserving ecosystems.

  • If you don’t like how it’s now, take action.