How to Start a New Job During a Pandemic

The Information, 2020-07-10

Premise and Issues

  • Hired in March and later —> only have worked remotely

  • Had to find other ways to learn about the job and their colleagues

  • Feel like a new kid for longer

  • Video calls fatigue

  • Creating and maintaining cultural bond while working remote is a challenge.

  • Lower retention rates for new staff hired during lockdowns.

  • Reopening —> hybrid schedules and physical distancing at work, inconvenience.

  • It’s up to the employee to find ways to connect with peers. Very easy to lose initial momentum.

  • Building balance between work, home life, extra outreach

Harder for new staff as they don’t have established relationships

Techniques and What People Do

  • Setting clear performance goals with managers [helpful in real life, too]

  • Mapping out time to get to know the colleagues

  • Donut Slack app matching people in the organization

  • People started valuing corporate swag ad showing up in it during video calls

  • Messaging channels about different topics, online yoga [Aviasales]

  • Mapping out schedules and split work / relationship building more clearly

  • Ask-me-anything sessions [we in Aviasales also do it]

  • Seize every chance to be immersed [in activities not directly related to the person’s job]

Also, something about remote work’s inefficiency.

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