Google’s Plan to Resume Reviews Rankles Employees With Children

The Information, 2020-07-30

Review Process

  • In March 2020 Google cancelled it midyear performance reviews. As a result – no promotions and pay raises.

  • Google announced a “flexible with context” approach to judging the performance.

Parents are the Victims

  • Parents have troubles juggling work for Google and teaching kids in the remote learning environment, hence their performance results might’ve suffered.

  • High stress levels.

  • May result in higher gender pay gap as usually women spend more time on parenting.

  • Not all managers have children —> may not be receptive to the needs of their employees.

  • Google allowed employees to take paid leave if they have kids under 10 or family in need of care. (Didn’t result in lower job demands from others, though)

Going Forward

  • Work from home until 1 July 2021 is OK IF and only IF schools open and parents can actually enjoy uninterrupted work.