Challenges of a Remote Workforce

European Straights, 2020-06-01

Reflect on:

  • Will the remote work trend survive the “pandemic” or it will be reversed?

  • The shifts in company culture resulting out of less face-to-face communication

  • What impact on wages does remote work have? [Facebook, anyone?]

  • Existing players paying based on location and not role:

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  • How do people get paid if they are true “digital nomads” and are not stuck to a single location?

  • What about labour law / legal / tax compliance? Where do staff pay tax?

    Deel, Upwork help with this

    NY example: so called “convenience rule”: you’re liable to a NY tax EVEN if you’re telecommuting (i.e. double taxation)

  • Will there ever be harmonized taxation rules for remote workers? Or just the recognition of a new taxable type of staff (not gig economy workers)?


  • Staff taxation (especially where there’s PAYG – pay as you go)

  • Equity (shares, stock options, etc) – various countries have various rules about taxation of stock / ESOP, incl. up-front tax bills