Bullshit Jobs 1/x



  • While in 1930’s it was predicted that we as working humans would work 15 hours a week as the machines would do stuff for us, we’re doing the stuff for the machines working longer hours (40+) and more intensively.

  • Jobs that their performers think of as useless are demoralizing and provide spiritual and moral damage to them. Productive (i.e. blue-collar) jobs are increasingly being automated away.

  • We chose the wrong turn when we as a society chose consumerism instead of shorter work hours. [MK: and in Moscow it’s consumption 24/7 with anything you want you could have delivered to you within 1 hour, rain or shine.]

  • Bullshit jobs are usually the service ones providing admin, technical or security support for others who’re busy doing something slightly more meaningful. [MK: look no further than hordes of deliverymen roaming in the streets, Uber drivers and, of course, pathetically-looking security guards in loosely fitting uniforms, but proud of themselves nonetheless.]

  • In theory, capitalism is about market efficiencies, i.e. no jobs should exist solely for the sake of employment of people. But for the ruling class a bunch of people with lots of spare time on their hands is a threat [MK: this escalated quickly].

  • An interesting observation: the more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it. (nurses, teachers, garbage collectors; the exception is, perhaps, doctors)

  • Many more people believe their jobs don’t contribute to the society and don’t cause satisfaction than one would guess (UK: 37% + 13% uncertain).

  • Why do people agree to perform meaningless tasks, and why are some bullshit jobs paid higher than other bullshit jobs? How come our civilization is based on work, and not necessarily – productive work?

  • It’s the hatred and resentment towards jobs that keeps our society together.

to be continued