A Workable Approach to Produce a Vision

Robert Hacker, 2020-07-21

The Characteristics of a Vision

  • Vision converts the abstract into tangible. Imagine —> produce

  • Two fundamental ways of thinking [Herbert Simon]:

o   Analytical – top-down, from macro to micro

o   Synthetic – bottom-up, from micro to macro

  • Vision is about the transition from exploration to exploitation. Find a paradigm [a universally recognized solution] and use it with impact.

  • Not just any impact, impact with scale. Needs the right timing (easy to be ahead of the curve) and the right combination of socio-economic, technological and cultural factors.

A Vision Must:

  • Solve a novel or difficult problem. If there’s a mess – there’s an opportunity.

  • Change an assumption about a fundamental principle. Deconstruct a problem by understanding (and challenging) its assumptions.

  • Be Futuristic. How will the future look like in 10-20 years?

  • Be human-centric. The purpose of vision should be to increase utility for the humanity, i.e. prioritize the natural system and environment ahead of shareholder returns or government agendas.

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